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“Mio padre” or “Il mio papà”? (with exercise)

Definitive articles are used in many ways; however, watch for the exceptions as you learn the rules.

  • A definitive article is not used in front of certain nouns referring to close family members in the singular form or when they are unmodified. The definite article is used with those nouns that are variations of the basic forms, such as babbo (dad), mamma (mom), and fratellino (little brother).
mio padre my father il mio babbo my dad
mia madre my mother la mia mamma my mom
  • A definite article and not a possessive adjective is used with parts of the body and with articles of clothing when the possessor is obvious. The possession in these cases is expressed with an indirect object pronoun or a reflexive verb.
Mi fa male la testa. My head hurts.
Cerco le scarpe. I’m looking for my shoes.
  • A definite article is not used with the possessive adjective when the adjective comes after the noun in expressions of fact or in exclamations.
A casa mia ci sono molte persone. At my house there are many people.
Non è colpa sua. It’s not his/ her fault.
E’ piacere mio conoscerti. It’s my pleasure to meet you.
A mio parere questo film è orrendo. In my opinion this movie is horrible.
Dio mio, quante macchine ci sono! My God, how many cars there are!
Cara mia, devi maturare un po’! My dear! You need to grow up a little!
Mamma mia, come sono stanca! Oh my, how tired I am!

Achieve grammar mastery with this EXERCISE!

1. Click on the red link above (Google Documents will be opened).

2. Select FILE on the upper left side.

3. Select PRINT or SAVE.


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