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Italian Un-Censored – 01. Basic Expressions: Make the first move (1 of 3)

Admittance to Italian culture requires more than just knowing a handful of expressions. If you really wanna get in, you’ve gotta know slang, street speak, and swear words. Italian Un-Censored has what it takes so you can talk the talk. No grammar lessons, verb conjugations, or any rules here – just the language that’s actually spoken in Italy today – from the most intimate encounters (and, yeah, I’m talking sex) to technology know-how (e-mail, IM, text messaging). It’s assumed you already know a little bit of the Italian language. Most of the expressions provided can be applied to both guys and girls. It”be specified if the word or phrase can be applied to guys alone or girls only. In case you’re uncertain about how to pronounce something in the post and don’t want to sound like a fool, click on the TouTube video and listen up. You may want to lower the volume. I’ve labeled the hottest language, so you can easily gauge just how “bad” the expression really is. We’re dealing with real-life Italian in this post-serie and, therefore, I tell you what the closest English equivalent is – so you know when to use each word, phrase, or expression. You know that language is constantly changing – what’s in today may be out tomorrow. So, if you come across anything in this post that’s no longer said, or learn a cool expression that hasn’t been included, let me know; I’d love to hear from you. Just leave a comment below. These posts aren’t labeled Un-Censoredfor nothing! This isn’t the language you wanna use around your boss, relatives, or your new boy- or girlfriend’s parents… got it? The stuff that’s in here is pretty hot. If you wanna say it in public, that’s up to you. But I’m not taking the rap (like responsibility and liability) for any mistakes you make – these include, but are not limited to, verbal abuse, fist fights, smackdowns, and/ or arrests that may ensue from your usage of the words and expressions in it.

Make the first move

Tired of the plain “Ciao“? Try one of these other ways to say Hi!

Ciao! Come va?

Hi, how are you?

Simple but still very popular.

A bello! (for guys only) A bella! (for girls only)

Hey beautiful!

You’ll hear this a lot in southern Italy. If you want to sound like a local, shout it.

Ma guarda chi si vede!

Look who’s there! (Literally: Look who is to be seen!)

Say it when you bump into someone you haven’t seen in a long time. this includes long-lost “boyfriends” or “girlfriends”.

Ma guarda chi c’è!

Look who’s here!

Say it with enthusiasm and show your surprise.

In Italy, people traditionally greet each other by shaking hands and with a kiss on each cheek. Nowadays, this is done only with relatives and the elderly. Want to be fashionable? Drop the handshake and just kiss on each cheek. Afraid to get too close? A handshake is a safe, though standard, alternative to puckering up.



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