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10 Free travel phrases you can’t leave home without – Trains

10 Free travel phrases you can’t leave home without (5th of 6 lessons)

Got all the essentials packed for you summer vacation in Italy? Sunscreen? Passport? Survival Phrases? Make the most out of your trip in Italy with my popular Survival Phrases series! These easy-to-learn travel phrases will have you blending in with the locals!

A little bit of Italian can go a long way! I know you’re busy studying Italian, but even the most serious student needs a vacation! Simply load your MP3 player with these 6 lessons (here is the fifth one: Trains) and press play. By the time you touch down at your destination in Italy, you’ll know how to properly greet the locals and find your way around town!


Trains. Train travel is generally cheap and comfortable in Italy. There are many different types of train and variations in fares, so it is worth being specific when asking for information. The many types are as follows:

Super-rapido or TEE: Luxury first class-only trains running between main Italian cities. You pay a supplement and you must reserve a seat.

Rapido: Fast intercity trains, some of which are first class-only. You pay a supplement and for some trains it is obligatory to reserve a seat.

Espresso: Long-distance trains stopping at main stations. Both classes.

Diretto: Trains stopping at most stations.

Locale: Trains stopping at all stations.

Children under four travel free and from four to twelve pay half fare. There are several forms of reduced fare available to tourists, both individually and in groups.

Metro: There are underground networks (la metropolitana) in Rome and Milan. Fare are based on a flat rate, no matter what the distance traveled.



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