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Class: Practice Makes Perfect – Italian Prepositions

A 6-sessions online class on Italian prepositions.

The first one is FREE!

Click on this LINK to join the first FREE session.

Join  the other 5 sessions HERE.

1. Select this LINK and sign in or register into EduFire community (it’s free!)
2. Make sure the timezone is set correctly in your profile.
3. Register for the class. The first one is FREE. If you want to join the other sessions, select this LINK, register and pay the 15$ fee.
4. At the day and time of the class go to your ‘My eduFire’ page and click the ‘Join Now’ link.

5. Follow the instructions and remember to use “edufire” as your classroom password.

About Class

Prepositions are invariable words that link the components of a sentence.

Each preposition can play different functions: “I’m at home”, or “He’s at ease”.

Conversely, different prepositions have similar uses: “in the morning”, “at dawn”. In other cases, it is the verb, noun, or adjective that determines the preposition to be used: “You’re responsible for your deeds.”, “We’ll arrive at London Heathrow”.

These general principles hold for Italian as well. However, in several instances the preposition used in one language is different from the one used in the other.

For example, both Italian and English use di (of ) to qualify or specify characteristics of things and persons: “Parlo della tua amica” (I’m speaking of your friend). But Italian uses a in the expression “Penso a lui”, while English uses of : “I’m thinking of him”.

Keeping in mind, therefore, that general rules do not always hold true, this class wants to show how to use Italian prepositions.


01 Session (FREE): The Most Commonly Used Prepositions
– Other Parts of Speech That Function as Prepositions
– What Is a Preposition?
– Prepositional Locutions
– Prepositions and Subordinate Clauses
– Classification of Prepositions

02 Session: Possession and Specification
– su (on), circa (about), riguardo (concerning)
– di (of ), tra/fra (between/among)
– del, dello, della, dei, degli, delle: Specification and Partitive Article
– Specification Without di (of)
– Verbs + di

03 Session: Place
– a and in
– in (in) and su (on)
– su (on), sopra (over/above), and sotto (under/below)
– Place and Function: in, da, a
– da and di (from, out of, and off)
– Place Where, Motion Toward, and Motion From: da (from) da, per, tra/fra (through, all around, and between/among)
– Qui, Qua, Lì, Là (Here and There)

04 Session: Time
– Moments in Time: a (at) and di/in (in)
– Expressing Time Without Prepositions
– From the Past to the Present: da (for and since/from), per (for)
– How Long It Takes: in, tra, and entro (in, by, and within)
Adverbs Used as Prepositions: prima di (before) and dopo (di (after)

05 Session: Purpose, Company, and Agency
– a (to) and per (for)
– con, insieme con/a (with)
da (by) and the Passive Voice

06 Session: Means, Qualities, and Causes
– Means: con and in (with)
– Functions and Characteristics: barche a vela and carte da gioco
– Qualities
– Causes: di, a, con, da, in, per (of, at, with, in, from, for)


– Having already attended a beginner Italian class (level A1 – A2)
– Having already attended a Student’s tutoring session (highly recomended! It’s FREE!)
– Extra material will be sent to the participants at the end of every session (not valid for the first FREE one).



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